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Picture Utility knives and box cutters are common tools that can be used in a variety of trades for different purposes. Utility knives are very useful in the shipping and receiving department. We offer a variety of utility knives and replacement blades.

Products in this category:
Boatman No.Description
100100Utility Knives - Easy Grip Carton Sizer with Measuring Guide
100102Utility Knives - Snap-Off Utility Knife
100101Utility Knives - Deluxe Snap-Off Utility Knife
100103Utility Knives - Slim Line Utility Knives
100104Utility Knives - Razor Cutter Utility Knives
100105Utility Knives - Box Cutter Utility Knives
100099Utility Knives - Heavy Duty Stretch Film Cutter, Stretch Wrap Cutter
101525Utility Knives - Utility Knife Snap-Off Blades
100407Utility Knives - Slim-Line Utility Knife Snap-Off Blade
101524Utility Knives - Heavy Duty Knife Blades
101523Utility Knives - Box Cutter Blades

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