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Picture A battery operated plastic strapping tensioner is a banding tool used to tighten plastic strapping around palletized product. These banding tools are great time savers and are very popular products. There are tools for polypropylene strapping as well as polyester strapping. Battery operated tools need to be set for the type of strapping used. The tools both tension and seal the strapping. They create a friction weld on the strapping. These units are not inexpensive and if dropped they can damage electronics. This is something to keep in mind when purchasing this type of banding tool.

Products in this category:
Boatman No.Description
101775Battery Operated Strapping Tools - Polychem B400 Battery Operated Strapping Tool - 450lb Strength
101776Battery Operated Strapping Tools - Polychem B800 Battery Operated Strapping Tool - 800lb Strength
101981Battery Operated Strapping Tools - Fromm P326 Battery Operated Strapping Tool - 540lb strength
101982Battery Operated Strapping Tools - Fromm P327 Battery Operated Strapping Tool - 775lb strength
101978Extra Battery for Polychem B400 Tensioner - 2amp
101979Extra Battery for Polychem B800 Tensioner - 3amp
101980Extra Charger for Plastic Strapping Tensioner

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