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Picture Wire Stitchers - Post Wire Stitcher

Boxes are sealed more efficiently and more economically by steel-wire stitching than by any other method. Stronger and cleaner than glue or tape, steel-wire stitching also saves time, labor, money, and losses in shipping. Wire stitchers are so easy to operate that it takes only a few minutes for any inexperienced person to learn how to operate one. The carton is simple placed over the clincher post with bottom flaps folded over into position for stitching. The treadle is then depressed to move the box into stitching position. When the operator's foot comes in contact with the floor switch the machine is tripped and the operation is completed. Machine speed can always be adjusted to the speed and experience of the operator. No resetting is necessary for different sizes of cartons. One operator can turn out anywhere from 200 to 800 cartons an hour, depending on the experience of the operator and the size of the carton. Boatman Marking offers a full range of post wire stitchers to choose from.

Picture Wire Stitchers - Arm Wire Stitcher

The straight-arm stitcher can be used in a multitude of applications, not only in box-making but in packing, assembling, ticketing, manufacturing, and especially in fastening operations. The arm wire stitcher is carefully designed to give low-cost dependable service and can be employed to effectively reduce costs in a number of operations such as general box work, closing mattress boxes, attaching wood handles to baskets, attaching small articles to display cards, assembling suit boxes, attaching cloth to wood, display card and box work, and more. Boatman Marking offers a full range of arm wire stitchers to choose from.

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