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Picture Foot Sealer - Foot Heat Sealer

Foot sealers are excellent for sealing various types of materials such as polycello, cellophane, polyethylene, aluminum foil coated bags and gusset bags. Foot heat sealers can increase the efficiency of sealing production by allowing the operator to work with both hands free to handle the product. Foot sealers are generally used to seal larger width bags. The bag should be 2 inches smaller than the seal width of the sealer. Impulse heat sealers work by briefly heating the bag along a strip. Foot sealers can effectively operate in moderate packaging environments. Boatman Marking has a vast selection of available impulse sealers and bag sealers for a variety of applications.

Picture Constant Heat Sealer - Heat Sealer

Constant heat sealers are excellent for sealing a variety of thermoplastic packaging materials such as aluminum foil, Mylar and poly-cellophane bags. A constant heat sealer stays hot (constant heat) allowing it to create wide seals on heavier bags. Depending on the heat sealers model a constant heat sealer can seal material up to 15mm in width and 8 mil in thickness. Poly-cellophane bags are commonly seen in supermarkets where spices are packaged and displayed or on gift baskets. Foil bags are commonly used to seal coffee. These type of heat sealers are a specialty item that is not for the common use of bag sealing operations.

Picture Impulse Sealer - Impulse Heat Sealer

Impulse heat sealers are ideal for the sealing of poly bags and tubes. They are best used for low volume packaging production and can seal most types of common bags. To use an impulse sealer the operator must press the arm or foot pedal down, depending on the model or style of machine used. The bag or tube should be 2 inches smaller than the seal width of the impulse heat sealer. When sealing poly tubing an impulse sealer with cutter must be used. An impulse heat sealer with a standard 2mm seal will close a plastic bag 6 mil in thickness. This increases to 8 mil thickness with a 5 mm width seal. A double impulse sealer will seal poly bags greater than 10 mil. Boatman Marking offers a wide variety of impulse sealers from table top, to hand held and foot pedal operated, Boatman Marking will meet your specific packaging needs.

Picture Automatic Heat Sealer - Impulse Heat Sealer

Automatic heat sealers are used for the rapid sealing of plastic bags. The heat sealing unit closes automatically at a rate set by the operator. This provides greater efficiency by allowing faster operation with the user having both hands free to handle product. Automatic heat sealers are generally used for larger width bags. The bag should be 2 inches smaller than the seal width of the sealer. An impulse sealer will seal a bag 6 mil in thickness. For higher production a continuous band sealer is an excellent choice. Call Boatman Marking if you have any questions about which bag sealer is right for you.

Picture Hand-Held Heat Sealer - Hand Held Sealer

Hand-held heat sealers are used for a variety of sealing applications. These type of heat sealers can be used to close small width bags or bags of a greater length. Depending on the model they can seal up to either 10 or 12 mil thickness of LDPE(low-density polyethylene). A hand-held roller heat sealer has an unlimited seal length and can seal curved or long products. Boatman Marking offers a wide selection of hand-held sealers and heat sealers for all packaging needs.

Picture Impulse Sealer Elements - Repair Kits

Impulse sealers require replacement of wear parts over the lifetime of the machine. Impulse sealer repair kits contain the spare parts required to do this. The impulse sealer element as well as teflon tape are included in the kit. Boatman Marking has a wide variety of impulse sealers as well as the required impulse sealer repair kits.

Picture Impulse Sealer with Cutter - Bag Sealer with Cutter

Impulse sealers are commonly used by the industry for the rapid sealing of plastic bags. A heat sealer with cutter is ideal for sealing and cutting roll bags, poly-tubing and plastic materials. Impulse sealers apply a brief impulse of heat to close the bag and provide a durable seal. A 2mm heat sealer will seal a bag up to 6 mil thick while a 5mm sealer can handle up to 10 mil. Impulse sealers can create great air and watertight seals on a wide variety of plastics such as polyethylene, polyurethane, polyvinylchloride, polypropylene, pliofilm, and all other heat sealable materials.

Picture Vertical Impulse Heat Sealers

Vertical foot sealers are designed for the vertical sealing of heavy duty bags or the packaging of powders and liquids. This type of heat sealer is essential in facilitating the operators use which allows them to control and operate the foot sealer automatically.

Picture Double Impulse Sealer - Double Heat Sealer

Double impulse heat sealers are ideal for heavy duty applications that require higher temperatures such as the sealing of plastic lined, foil and gusset bags. Double impulse heat sealers are offered in foot models, such as the double impulse foot sealer, the seal and cut double line impulse foot sealer, and the vertical double impulse foot sealer, as well as automatic and table models like the double hand impulse sealer and the single/double automatic heat sealer. All of the double impulse heat sealers can seal a variety of bags that are 10 mil to 20 mil thick, which makes them perfect for high volume production.

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