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Adhesives - Glue, GF-59 Adhesive, Gallon

Adhesives - Glue, GF-59 Adhesive, Gallon
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Boatman No.: 102573
Product: Adhesives - Glue, GF-59 Adhesive, Gallon

Glue GF-59

Ideal for affixing labels to metal containers including tinplate, tern plate, japanned steel or painted metal.
Adheres to some varnished and coated surfaces.
Good for use in automatic address labeling equipment when applying labels to coated paper.
Meets FDA and USDA requirements for food packaging.
Formulated with a synthetic polymer resin for performance on non-porous surfaces.

Product Specifications:
Product Type: Glue
Unit of Measure: each
Minimum Order Quantity: 4
Minimum Order Quantity for Calculation: 4
Case Quantity: 4
Quantity: carton

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