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Constant Heat Sealers

Here at Boatman Marking, we want to ensure that you are provided with the best information to make an informed decision when choosing a product. This article offers some information about constant heat sealers.

Constant heat sealers are bag sealers which deliver a constant source of heat to the bag to be sealed, hence the name, constant heat sealer. The constant heat creates higher heat levels and allows this sealer to seal heavier bags, or bags with higher melting points. Some materials which this sealer can be used for are: foil, commonly used for coffee bags; Mylar; and polycellophane, most often used to contain spices or other food products. Constant heat sealers are special and are not often used for common sealing procedures.

The width of the constant heat sealer sealing element is 1/4th of an inch which can handle bags of varying thicknesses. Constant heat sealers also come in an assortment of seal lengths including 8in, 12in, and 16in. As with impulse sealers, for constant heat sealers you should provide for a 2in difference in the bag you wish to seal and the seal length itself. An 8in sealer should seal a 6in bag, but can possibly handle a 7in bag as well.

We hope this information has helped you to make a better informed decision on a heat sealer for your company.
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