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Heat Sealers for Coffee Bags

A popular question we have been asked lately is, “What bag sealer is right for sealing coffee bags?” Well, we have to think of some factors concerning sealing coffee bags first. What kind of material is the bag made of? How thick is the bag? How large is the bag? Are the contents of the bag easily spilled? When we answer these questions the perfect heat sealer for coffee bags should be clear.

Coffee bags are more often than not made of or lined with foil. This automatically rules out the use of impulse sealers because impulse sealers do not reach the melting point of foil bags. Now we know that we need some sort of constant heat sealer. The heat of constant heat sealers also allows for the thickness of coffee bags. Also coffee bags are usually small, 16oz bags and weather you are sealing coffee beans or ground coffee the contents are somewhat spillable. This should tell you that you don’t need a large heat sealer and in fact a hand held sealer would do the job just fine.

The clamp style hand-held heat sealers is a small constant heat sealer which allows for maneuverability when sealing. These qualities are what one should look for in a sealer to seal coffee bags.
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