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Which Bag Sealer is Better?

With all the descriptions of bag sealers on our website you may be getting confused about which one is which. This article will compare two types of bag sealers, constant heat sealers and impulse sealers.

The main difference with constant heat sealers and impulse bag sealers is the heat source. Both have heating elements which use electricity to heat the sealing device; however the impulse sealer only uses a brief pulse of electricity to provide a high level of heat for a few seconds. The constant heat sealers provide a constant source of heat, hence the name. Constant heat sealers also allow for much higher levels of heat than impulse sealers because of the constant source of heat. This allows constant sealers to seal bags at higher melting points than impulse sealers. Most often, impulse sealers are used to seal bags made from polyethylene while constant sealers seal polycellophane, foil, and Mylar bags.

Other than the heat source difference, impulse sealers and constant heat sealers both come in a variety of seal widths and lengths. With both constant heat sealers and impulse sealers you have the choice of having a manual machine or an automated machine. Both impulse and constant sealers have similar capabilities except for the fact that impulse sealers seal thinner bags with lower melting points and constant heat sealers seal thicker bags with higher melting points. Remembering this simple difference will help you to make a better choice of heat sealer for your company.
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