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Foot Sealer: The Sealer with Moxie

A foot sealer is a type of bag sealer which stands upright and is operated by a foot pedal allowing the user to handle the bag to be sealed with both hands. Foot sealers also allow for sealing larger bags with heavier loads. Also, because foot sealers stand, they are very useful when sealing bags which contain liquid or other spillable contents.

These bag sealers come in two main variations. You can choose from either impulse foot sealers or constant heat foot sealers. The qualities of regular impulse sealers and constant heat sealers are the same with foot sealers of the same type.

Along with the two main variations, there are many other options available for foot sealers. Some foot sealers come with adjustable heads which can give the user a better angle for sealing. Sealers are available in thicknesses of 2mm and 5mm and there is also the option of a double foot sealer, which has a heating element in the top and bottom. Remember double sealers always have the capability of sealing thicker bags than single sealers. Foot heat sealers also come in lengths of 12 and 24 inches.

With all of the different options available for foot sealers, these machines can handle just about anything. Long bags, thick bags, heavy loads are no problem for the sealer with moxie.
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