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Introduction to Plier Staplers

A plier stapler is a kind of carton stapler that is commonly used to staple the sides of corrugated boxes. They can also be used to seal plastic bags, plastic sheeting, corrugated trays and tube lids.

There are two kinds of plier staplers, the manual plier stapler and the pneumatic plier stapler. For low volume usage, a manual plier can be used. A pneumatic plier stapler, on the other hand, should be used if a higher rate of production volume is required. Since they are air-driven, a much faster rate can be achieved and will require less manual work to get the job done. The type of plier stapler to be used depends on the throat depth required and the length of the staple required to seal the product.

There are two primary manufacturers of pneumatic plier staplers Josef Kihlberg (JK) and Stanley Bostitch. Under these two manufacturers, there are four main models of Plier Staplers which Boatman Marking offers. For Josef Kihlberg, we have the models JK20-777 and JK20-779. For Stanley Bostitch there are the P50B-10B and P50-5B models.

The models JK20-779 is a light duty pneumatic plier stapler. This tool is commonly used to seal plastic bags, apply header cards or create cardboard trays. The 779 has also been used for the rapid assembly of party piƱatas. The JK20-777 is a heavier duty tool. This tool applies a thicker staple. It is primarily used to assemble corrugated trays. These models of plier stapler are both pneumatic and are similar in almost all specifications, including throat depth. Both tools take a range of staple sizes and a long magazine to hold a greater capacity of staples.

The gold standard of pneumatic plier staplers is the Bostitch P50 family. This tool is a workhorse in a variety of industries. The P50-10B is used in such a wide variety of applications that it is too long to encompass here. The Bostitch P50 is rugged and well designed stapler. It is so well designed and efficient that it requires an air pressure regulator to drop the pressure to 40 to 50 psi. Similar to the main Kihlberg models in almost all specifications except staple size. The P50B-10B uses the SB103020 staple, a common kind of staple, which is thicker compared to P50-5B's SB5019 staple. The P50B-10B can handle very thick corrugated carton boxes with a staple length of 3/4 inch. The P50-5B is primarily used for closing thick plastic bags.

These are not the only plier staplers that Boatman Marking offers.

The Rapid 31 is a manual plier stapler for lower volume requirements. It is strong and capable. The Rapid 31 uses a STCR staple. The primary advantage of this stapler is that it can handle a staple with a longer leg length than other competitive models. It can handle up to 1/2 inch.

Lastly, the P6C-6 and P6C-8 models are produced by Stanley-Bostitch. These manual plier offer a rich variety of uses. They are both used to close carton tubes, mailers, plastic bags and boxes. These staplers are very easy to squeeze and appreciated by many operators. The P6C-6 uses a finer gauge staple STCR 2619 while the P6C-8 uses the heavier STCR 5019. Both are excellent products from Stanley-Bostitch.

So there you go. Hope you understand a little more about plier staplers. If you have remaining questions do not hesitate to call us at Boatman Marking.
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