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Masking Tape

Masking Tape is a type of paper tape with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The unique quality of masking tape is its light adhesive. The light adhesive is easily released from whatever surface it has been adhered to without marring. Masking tapes are also easily torn by hand. These qualities of masking tape make this an ideal tape for use in painting and coating industries where sections need to be “masked off” where painting or coating is not required and even in the home for similar uses.

Our particular masking tape has a rubber based adhesive. Rubber based adhesives allow for the greatest adhesion and are therefore the best for painting purposes because the paint will not bleed underneath the tape.

Although masking tape has a multitude of uses where removable tape is needed, such as painting, coating, hanging or holding down blueprints, etc.; this type of tape is not recommended for sealing or closing packages. Because of the light adhesive, masking tape will not give a strong hold to keep a box closed during shipping.

If masking tape seems like a good fit for your needs, our website offers a variety of widths and thicknesses.
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