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Packaging Tape Basics

Packaging tapes are commonly used in home and business to close corrugated boxes. Packaging tapes come in a variety of types depending on the requirements for the type of packaging. In general, there are two types of packaging tapes. The first is the common clear plastic tape with an adhesive backing. The second is a paper tape with a water activated adhesive backing. The weight of the boxes will determine which tape should be used.

Clear carton sealing tape is used to close lighter boxes in a rapid fashion. The ubiquitous tape gun is used to apply the self adhering tape. The relatively low cost of the initial investment in carton sealing tape can be appealing to those starting out or with low volume packaging. Some issues with clear packaging tape are that it is only effective over a limited range or temperature (30 – 100 F). If the temperature deviates then the tape may curl off the box. Secondly, exposure to sunlight may cause the tape to turn yellow in color.

Paper Box Tape is commonly used to close heavier products. The paper tape has a more attractive appearance when used on a box. Paper packaging tape is generally stronger than the plastic carton sealing tape and can hold heavier loads. There are two types of paper packaging tapes. One is the plain kraft paper and the other is reinforced with fiberglass filaments for a stronger hold. Paper packaging tape can also be printed with company information and logo to serve as a marketing method.

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