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Packaging Tape Comparisons

At Boatman Marking, we offer an array of packaging tapes for your many needs. Our products range from reinforced gummed tape to simple masking tape. But what makes one tape better than another?

Gummed tape is probably the strongest packaging tape we offer. It is a paper tape reinforced with filaments to add to its strength. While this packing tape is more expensive than most and requires a special machine to adhere it, you can be sure that gummed tape will hold strong. We also offer brown gummed tape and white gummed tape. When shipping white or brown boxes, gummed tape of the corresponding color looks much more attractive. Also, paper gummed tapes are easy to print on and can have a company’s logo and information printed or stamped on them. This allows you to advertise on your own boxes.

Kraft tape can also fall into the same category with gummed tape except for the fact that it is not reinforced. This means that kraft tape is not as strong as reinforced gummed tape. Kraft tapes, nonetheless, still look appealing on packages and have the same printing capabilities.

Filament tape also has fiberglass filaments running throughout the tape for strength. The applications of filament tape include reinforcing packaging, unitizing bundles, and closing boxes.

Clear acrylic carton sealing tapeor box tape is possibly the most common or well known packaging tape. This tape uses a strong acrylic adhesive backing and will adhere to most surfaces. Because it is clear, acrylic packaging tape also has an attractive appearance on any package. It can also be used to attach packing slip envelopes to the outside of boxes or to protect paper labels. Acrylic tape also comes in large, machine grade or machine length rolls. These rolls are used in automated carton sealing machines. Clear acrylic packaging tape is strong and can be used to seal a variety of load weights.

Masking tape is another commonly used packaging tape. This tape is often used in both home and industrial settings. While masking tape does not have a strong adhesive, it has the benefit of being easily removed without marring the surface. Masking tapes are very useful in painting and coating industries.
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