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Rapid 105 Electric Stapler

For the rapid binding of multiple reams of paper, fast stapling of packaging materials or the secure attachment of header cards the rapid 105 electric stapler is a great solution. These are a variety of the industrial stapling and bindery applications that could certainly fit the Rapid 105 Electric Stapler.

The Rapid 105 Electric Stapler is an industrial electric stapler used for numerous binding and packaging applications. It can attach header cards securely to poly bags allowing operators to work quickly. The Rapid 106 version electric stapler also serves as a saddle stapler. Saddle staplers specifically staple and bind paper together along a spine. All electric staplers should use a high quality electric staple to reduce jamming.

While this electronic stapler may be effective as a stand-alone closure tool, one can take advantage of its efficiency by having an operator electronically link or chain all Rapid 105 staplers together to staple all at the same time. Instead of having to repetitively staple the same item over several times it can all be done in one shot. This really increases the operator productivity and saves money. A foot pedal activation switch can be added to allow the operator to have both hands free to manipulate the product.

With an electric stapler one can achieve bindery and sealing applications more efficiently, such as the rapid and secure binding of paper or the sealing of packaging material. The Rapid 105 and Rapid 106 electric staplers offer great solutions for heavy-duty electric stapling. For a wide variety of electric staplers including the Rapid 105 and Rapid 106 Electric Staplers, check Boatman Marking today.
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