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The Value of Packaging Tapes

An assortment of packaging tapes for a variety of prices is offered at Boatman Marking. We try to supply you with the best value for your dollar. Some packing tapes seem to be more affordable than others, however, in the long run, some of these tapes are the better bargain.

Take gummed tape for example. The tape itself may be comparable to other types of packaging tape, but a special machine is required to activate the adhesive and adhere it to packages. However, using the machine will save money on labor and time in packaging. Using reinforced gummed tape also allows your company to advertise on the tape by being able to print company information directly on the tape. This could also save the cost of having custom printed boxes or individual printed labels. Paper gummed tape is also much stronger than other tapes and can hold much heaver loads.

Carton sealing tape, a clear acrylic packaging tape, may be one of the most popular packing tapes. While this tape is strong and can hold a variety of load weights, this tape does not have as many capabilities as does reinforced gummed tape. It does not have filaments for extra strength, it is not easily printed on, and the available machines to apply acrylic tape are not as efficient as machines for gummed tape. Nevertheless, clear acrylic packaging tape is more inexpensive than gummed tape and can be beneficial for businesses just getting off the ground. The clear tape is strong, does not yellow, and can be used to fasten packing slip envelopes to boxes, seal boxes, or protect labels. This versatility is useful to fledgling companies.

When we reflect upon packing tape, all packaging tapes have their own value and have different positives and negatives depending on a company’s needs and budget. This means that all possibilities need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right packaging tape for you.
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