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Things to know about Packaging Tape

Here at Boatman Marking we offer an assortment of packaging tapes for a variety of packaging needs. Looking through our products you may be asking yourself, “How do I know what kind of packaging tape is right for me?” This article will give you a short description of each tape.

One of the most common packing tapes used industrially, as well as in the home, is carton sealing tape, an acrylic packing tape. This tape is clear with an acrylic adhesive backing which adheres to most surfaces. Clear acrylic carton sealing tape is strong enough for a variety of load weights and is easy to use either by hand or with a tape gun. The thickness and width of clear packing tape can also determine how heavy a load the tape can handle. For example, a tape with a 3” width can hold more weight than a tape with a 1” width.

Another commonly seen packaging tape is masking tape. Masking tapes can be utilized for a variety of functions in the home or business. This type of tape can be removed easily without marring the surface it has been adhered to and is therefore useful in painting and coating industries.

Filament tape is a packaging tape which has small fibers or filaments running throughout the tape. The filaments make this tape stronger than regular acrylic packaging tape. This packing tape can also be used for a variety of packaging needs and can be used on heavier loads. Again, with filament tapes, the width can determine the strength of the hold the tape has on a load. It is always a good idea, with any tape you use, to use wider tape with larger loads.

Possibly the strongest packaging tape is gummed tape. This paper tape is reinforced with filaments. The adhesive backing of reinforced gummed tape is water activated and a special machine is needed to apply this tape. Gummed packaging tape comes in brown and white. Kraft tape can also fall into the same category with gummed tape, however, kraft tapes are not reinforced like gummed packaging tapes.

Another option offered at Boatman Marking is machine grade packaging tape or machine length packaging tape. This tape is essentially acrylic packaging tape; however this tape comes in rolls specifically made for carton sealing machines.
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