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We Can Repair Your Packaging Equipment

Over time equipment wears through continuous use. Sometimes a tool may fall and break. Boatman Marking has its own in-house equipment repair shop. We stock many commonly used parts and can quickly get your tool or machine back in service. Just send us the equipment for repair. Along with the equipment, send us the description of the problem and we will provide you with the estimate for the necessary repair. A contact name should be provided as well so that we can provide you the estimate. The tool turnaround time varies depending on the problem or the extent of the damage of your equipment and if the part is in stock for repair. This saves you time trying to understand the intricacies of the machine.

At, we offer many resources to help you perform your own maintenance and repair. Tool and machinery parts diagrams are available online in the website. Parts are also available here. You can find the part you need by entering the part number directly into our Search Bar. Go ahead and order online and your parts will be delivered to you.

Still have questions, give us a call at 800.459.5080 and we can help you troubleshoot you equipment. At Boatman Marking we try to make things easy for you.

Here is a list of commonly repaired tools:

Carton Closing - (Bottom Staplers, Carton Staplers, Roll Staplers)

Better Packages - (Tape Machines)

Josef Kihlberg - (Bottom Staplers, Carton Staplers, Plier Staplers)

Marsh Company - (Tape Machines, Stencil Machines)

Strapack - (Arch Strapping Machines, Table Top Strapping Machines)

Polychem - (Arch Strapping Machines, Table Top Strapping Machines)

Fromm Tools - (Manual Tensioning Tools, Pneumatic Tensioning Tools)

Orgapack - (Manual Tensioning Tools, Pneumatic Tensioning Tools)
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