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What Brand of Carton Stapler?

What Brand of Carton Stapler Should I Consider For My Packaging Needs?

You may have noticed that, while browsing through the carton staplers here at Boatman Marking, there are three main manufacturers mentioned. These manufacturers are Carton Closing, Josef Kihlberg, and Stanley-Bostitch. Maybe while you were considering your needs, you wondered how the manufacturer might effect your purchase. You probably wanted to know of the advantages and disadvantages of each. If the manufacturer was one of the factors you would like to look into when considering the right choice of carton stapler for your company then read on.

Carton Closing Company (CCC)

The Carton Closing Company, or CCC, has already a long track record in the stapling arena. This long history has made them a very reliable and dependable source of various stapling products. Their have a variety of tools to handle many applications. Strong well built bottom staplers offer years of production. The RC1000 roll stapler is the best offered in the industry.

Josef Kihlberg

Josef Kihlberg is a manufacturer which delivers excellent quality in all their packaging tools. They offer a very wide line of tools and staples. Though less powerful compared to CCC or Stanley-Bostitch, they have highly reliable equipment to offer for anyone interested in their products. Josef Kihlberg machine products are made in the European Union. Prices then can vary based on strength of the US Dollar. When Josef Kihlberg entered the market there prices were very competitive but now have drifted upwards. Future prices on their staplers, staples and parts may be considerably higher.


Among the three carton stapler manufacturers, Stanley-Bostitch offers the most durable of the packaging device. Since they are the most durable, they tend to be considerably heavier and bulky. Although they make a full line of carton staplers we do not recommend all models. Their P50-10B tool is the best tool in the plier stapler category.

Other Imports

Currently Boatman Marking does not recommend some of the less expensive tools or staples being offered by the competition. We have found that they do not last and in some cases are unrepairable early in the service life.

So there you go. We hope these descriptions helped to further assist you in your choice for the right stapler. If there is anything else about staplers that you would like to know more, then just contact Boatman Marking 800-459-8050 to assist you in your search for a stapler totally suited for you and your company.
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