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What are Vacuum Sealers and How do they work?

A vacuum sealer is a type of a bag heat sealer which is used for various specialty packaging purposes. This sealer is used in packaging dried foods, electronics, coffee products and other materials which may breakdown more rapidly when exposed to air.

This heat sealer variant is a heavy duty machine which draws air out of the poly bag before it automatically seals it. Using this method the vacuum sealer also reduces the volume of the packaged product by removing trapped air left in the bag. This at times can be the most valued reason for using a vacuum sealer.

This type of vacuum sealer requires a small air compressor to be connected so that a vacuum can be drawn. The air compressor is purchased separately from the sealer, and is used to blow air through this sealing equipment. The compressed air passes through a metal tube, which is connected to the contents portion of the bag. The compressed air then draws the air from the bag out by a method known as the Venturi Effect. When the air has been removed from the bag, a heat sealing bar closes around the bag, leaving the poly bag sealed.

Vacuum sealers require that the user have a source of compressed air (i.e. a compressor). If the volume of the bag is large, a compressor of large volume is required to do multiple bags. Otherwise, the compressor will need to continuously run and may inhibit performance. Vacuum sealers may be programmed to place inerting gases (nitrogen) into the bag to further reduce exposure to air.

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