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What is so Special about Reinforced Gummed Tape?

The keyword is reinforced. Gummed tape is a type of packaging tape used to close and seal cartons. It is a paper tape with a water activated adhesive backing. Reinforced gummed tape is unique because of special fiberglass filaments laminated between two layers of paper which make up the tape. The filaments are laid out in a lattice pattern and run throughout the length of the roll of tape to ensure strength from every angle.

Reinforced gummed tape not only is used for closing and sealing boxes, but heavy duty gummed tapes can be used as a joining material for boxes made of corrugated fiberboard, more commonly known as cardboard.

Special machines are needed to apply gummed tape to boxes. There are both manual and automatic tape dispensers for gummed tapes. Where these machines can be expensive, they save in time and labor cost. Automated gummed tape dispensers are quick and efficient when applying the paper tape to a box. Also when compared to clear carton sealing tape, gummed tape allows you to use less material to seal cartons enabling a reduction in cost of materials and labor.

A final tidbit about paper gummed tape is that it is available in brown and white. Both colors look attractive on boxes of the same color. Also, because gummed tape is made from paper, it is very easy to print on and can be personalized with company logos and information.

At Boatman Marking, we offer a variety of reinforced gummed tapes as well as manual and automatic gummed tape machines.
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