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Heat Sealer for Plastic Bags

Heat sealers for plastic bags are designed to rapidly seal bags for industry. There are two general types of heat sealers for plastic bags. The first and most common is the impulse heat sealer. The second type is the constant heat sealer. Each type of heat sealer has its own features and applications.

An impulse heat sealer for plastic bags is very common in industry. This type of impulse sealer works by applying a brief electrical impulse down a wire in the jaw of the machine. This occurs at the same time that the jaws are closed around the bag. The wire in the impulse sealer heats up briefly causing the plastic bag it is in contact with to melt along the wire. This forms the seal in an impulse heat sealer for bags. When the jaws are opened the bag is already sealed and the wire has become cooler. The wire will not heat up again until the jaws are closed. The width of the seal is determined by the width of the wire and come in sizes of 2mm, 5mm and 10mm seal width. An impulse heat sealer for plastic bags can be hand or foot operated. Foot operated machines generally are used for larger width plastic bags. Foot impulse sealers also generally have a faster operational tempo because the operator has both hands free. Most common plastic bags and poly tubing work with impulse heat sealers.

A constant heat sealer for bags is generally used for specialty plastic bags. A constant heat sealer in contrast to an impulse heat sealer stays hot as long as the machine is turned on. This allows for the sealing of higher melting point plastics. Smaller hand held heat sealers are generally of the constant type. Constant heat sealers are used to close Mylar bags, aluminized bags, coffee bags and spice bags.

At Boatman Marking we offer a variety of heat sealers for plastic bags. We have both impulse heat sealers and constant heat sealers. There is a wide selection of widths to fit many applications. Please call us if you have further questions on heat sealers.
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